While scrolling through your Instagram feed, a Shop Now advertisement might appear! Shop Now posts on Instagram have become an increasingly new and popular social media marketing tool and trend. It gives boutiques and stores a new edge with an official Instagram page to be able to target their buyer’s interests and provide customers with an easier way to shop!

Examples of “Shop Now” when scrolling through Instagram
Photos by Instagram

Boutiques, both physical and online, have taken advantage of this somewhat new Instagram feature in order to target Instagram shoppers. Some stores and boutiques have their website link on their bio but still, require you to scroll through the whole website in order to find a product you’d like to purchase. With the new form of advertising, boutiques have gained exposure and visibility to users that are not currently following them and reduce the hassle of scrolling through a whole page or website to find a product to buy. Taking the time to stop your scroll and shop is such a quick way to discover new and exciting products. This new process feature facilitates consumers to be an easy, simple and fast way to buy. After clicking you are then directed to a website link and can start your shopping. Having the easy accessibility to shop right from your phone and even on Instagram is very beneficial and helpful to busy consumers.

A popular boutique that uses the Shop Now feature
Photo by Instagram

Shop Now advertisements have provided multiple benefits to physical and online boutiques. First marketing costs are reduced for boutiques by merely paying Instagram for the advertised posts. It also provides a more visually appealing method to attract customers to a product. Through careful content creation, boutiques are able to showcase their products in a way that appeals to their targeted market. Finally, it saves time for both the customer and the seller by facilitating the ordering process for the customer, removing the visiting-the-boutique hassle, and increasing the number of orders for the seller.

This growing trend will lead to an increase in online shopping and perhaps, a decrease in physical boutiques, reducing personal engagement but hopefully, increasing net sales. Shopping online is the biggest trend in our future! So before you scroll, stop and shop!

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