Here at Saint Joe’s we take pride in our student athletes.  However, we should appreciate them off the field as well since their schedule is busier than what we realize.  Not only do they have to align their classes with practices and games, but their freshman year they have a set number of hours they have to attend study hall to meet NCAA compliance guidelines.

Study hall is not like the one in high school.  Here, the athletes must type their student ID onto a computer to sign in and then of course sign out when they leave, so their hours can be counted.  Each team has a set number of hours in which they need to study as well. For example, the men and women’s cross country team needs to have six hours.  If after the first semester a student athletes GPA is high enough they can get their hours reduced or even taken away.

While this may seem daunting, the athletes have wonderful support in these study areas.  These areas, located in the ground floor of Bellarmine, include the talking room and the quiet room for different studying atmospheres.  Athletes have access to computers, to do lists templates, folders, schedule builders, along with other study supplies.  The support staff of Janet Greeder and Taylor Weidensaul  can help the freshmen with any additional tutoring they might need or just general support as they go through their academic career.  As Janet Greeder says, “As freshmen it provides them some structure and allows them to get to know the staff and if they do have issues they know they can come to us.” They also help athletes out during midterms and finals week by extending hours, and providing athletes with snacks and coffee so they do not have to waste time getting food and drink between practices, studying, and classes. 

The “Quiet Room”. Picture by Gabby Bamford
The “Talking Room”. Picture by Gabby Bamford

To make sure all athletes get enough attention during study hall Janet and Taylor divide the teams and responsibilities. Below is a list of each of the teams they help.

Janet: Women’s Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track, Men’s Basketball, Baseball, Men’s Soccer, Women’s Soccer, Women’s Lacrosse, Women’s Rowing, Men’s Tennis

Taylor: Men’s Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track, Women Basketball, Softball, Field Hockey, Men’s rowing, Golf, Men’s Lacrosse, Men’s Tennis

We met with some student athletes to get their input on how study hall helped their academic career.  We talked to some members on the Men’s and Women’s Track and Field Teams about how study hall positively impacted their experience here on Hawk Hill.

Video by Gabby Bamford

Every student, whether they are in sports or not, knows how easy it is to get behind in classes and schoolwork.  Especially for D1 athletes in their first year. They need to make sure they balance the importance of sports and classes so study hall is a great resource to help get athletes stay on track an achieve greatness in and out of the classroom.


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