If living off-campus sounds appealing to you here are some things you should ask yourself. Are you ready to commute? Do you know what kind of area you want to live in? Are you excited to live with your friends? If you answered yes to any of these questions you’ve come to the right place.

Stress no more, we have a list here of five tips for you who are considering living off-campus next year, from your fellow classmates to help you out!

Its Cheaper

“It is less expensive to live off campus, but be ready to pay for your own furniture and expenses” – Emma Wright

Nothing is better than saving money am I right? It’ll even cut down on the cost of your tuition because you won’t be paying the highly priced school housing. You’ll even be able to have more money to spend on Hawk Wraps! 

Learn to Cook

“Learn how to cook to save time and money” – Nenagh Sheehan

If you haven’t already this will be a great time to work on your cooking skills. There are some great easy cooking recipes out there that will cook quickly and are very tasty.

Line Up Your Schedules

“You wanna make sure you lineup your schedule with your roommates. It’ll make the car rides to and from school a lot easier!” – Murrin Tague

If you do decide to move to off-campus next year you’ll have to commute and might use a car to do so. Making it a good idea that if you want to carpool with your roommates having the same schedule will be key.

Keep in Mind the Area

“Make sure to keep in mind when your looking to see how close it is to the school, the area you’ll be living in, and what there is to do around where you’ll be living.” – Maggie McNamara

When choosing a place to live, it’s always a good idea to get to know the place you’ll be living for the next year. Also, a great excuse to see the places to go that are nearby.

Live With the People That Make You Happy

“Enjoy the people you’ll be living with, make sure that you’ll get along with them.” – Dan Matranga

If possible, making sure that the people you’ll be living with you get along with is another good idea. It’ll help you avoid awkward interactions with people you don’t like or know.

For more tips on housing visit SJU’s Off-Campus page. There, you can find more tips on the housing search process and even browse local listings.

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