Need a break from taking a break?

And this doesn’t mean just sitting in front of the couch and watching a t.v. show, or even taking a nap. Take a break from the stresses and the strains of schoolwork by doing something that not only calms you down, but is beneficial to you as well.

What’s more perfect at nourishing both your mind AND your body than baking? That’s right, nothing. Baking allows for creativity and control over what you’re doing, which can allow you to feel more relaxed and at ease. Right now you’re probably picturing the usual: flour, eggs, baking soda, etc. Get that picture out of your head. You won’t be needing to go next door to borrow sugar from your neighbor anytime soon.

Instead, here are 3 simple baking recipes that are not only easy to prepare, but can also help you de-stress your life.

Brownie in a Cup

Wait, you haven’t heard of this? Well stop guessing because brownies in a mug are the newest baking craze. Instead of spending hours making brownies from scratch and waiting by your oven, make your own brownies in MINUTES by baking them in the microwave. If you’re feeling cluttered by papers and homework, get up and take 5-7 minutes to bake a brownie. The mental benefits of making something with your own hands can go a long way (not to mention – they’re delicious!).

Pumpkin Rolls

If Fall is your favorite season, then boy are you going to like this next one. If you’re feeling a bit more hands on, then this treat is perfect for you! Start by buying a standard pack of pumpkin-flavored cinnamon rolls from your local grocery store, preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and lay each roll on a cooking sheet. Bake for 15-20 minutes (or until golden brown), then take them out! Drizzle the pumpkin frosting on top and look at your creation! Not only did you not burn your house down, but you got a nice fall treat out of it as well!

Pumpkin Bread

So if you’re REALLY into fall, then here’s another option for you. Pumpkin bread is a great way to get away from all the work you have to do. This treat requires a bit more time, but is super fun to make! Simply mix all your ingredients together and pour them into a pan to bake. Take them out after a little while and eat with friends or family! Pumpkin bread is a good example of how baking can allow you to focus on a particular task without stressing yourself out at the same time.


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