Let’s talk about the C-Word. Yes, the C-Word! A million words, that start with C, are probably racing in your mind right now, but this “C-Word” is “counseling.” There’s many stigmas and fears about counseling, but here’s 7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Going To CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) during your time at SJU.

1. You Are NOT Alone.

All in this together by Taicha Morin

“On average, 600 SJU students per year seek individual counseling for a wide variety of concerns,” states the CAPS website.  Even looking at statistics outside of St. Joe’s, seeking help is a very common thing to do, as we are all under pressure in college. Whether seeking help for general stress coping mechanisms, a mental health disorder or because you’ve already paid for it, CAPS is a resource that should be taken advantage of.

2. Maybe You Really Need It.  That’s Okay.

Hug it out By Taicha Morin

Just because you seek counseling does not, by any means, mean you are crazy or weird. In fact, it means you are strong enough to recognize you need some extra help and put your health first, a great quality to have.  In addition, sometimes what you may think is just “stress” or “anxiety” could be an underlying disorder or mental health issue.  When in doubt, check it out.

3. Life is Hard. College is Hard.

Failure by Taicha Morin

“College is a huge turning point in your life. My hardest adjustment was learning to live with another person.  This added a lot of extra stress to my transition and made me feel anxious,” freshman Katie says.  Many students let their stress levels build until they feel as if they will explode from all the stress.  This is NOT the time to consider counseling; counseling can be preventative as well.

4. It’s Your (Only) Judgement-Free Zone.

Come on in By Taicha Morin

Counseling at SJU is judgment-free.  Therapists are there to listen to you with an open mind and an open heart.  As explained on the CAPS website, “Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)  offers a safe and confidential setting where personal concerns can be openly explored and discussed with a staff psychologist or doctoral level trainee (under supervision).”

Many students cannot confide many serious issues with even their closest friends without a fear of being judged.  This is where CAPS makes all the difference providing a safe zone where students can express their feelings openly.

5. CAPS is Confidential.

Shhhhh By Taicha Morin

If you’re worried about the privacy of your information, CAPS has got you covered.  All information that you share during counseling is completely confidential.  During counseling, the information you share will remain private under both the law and the care of your counselor.

6. Cura Personalis.

Zen By Taicha Morin

Cura Personalis, which literally means “care for the whole person,” is a Jesuit ideal that all Jesuit students are expected to exemplify.  Caring for oneself as a whole is not limited to physical health, but also includes spiritual and mental/emotional health.  Going to counseling and staying in touch with your mental health/stability is a huge part of taking care of yourself.

7. It’s FREE! Correction: You’ve already paid for it…

By Taicha Morin
Raining Money by Taicha Morin

Part of your steep tuition includes the money you would pay to go to counseling.  SJU students use to be limited to only 40 visits throughout their entire life here at SJU, but now the number of times you may go to counseling is unlimited.

Check out the CAPS website for more information or to make an appointment here

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