You’re a teenager when you enter into college. That being said, how are you supposed to pick a potential major that will stay with you into adulthood when you’ve never had any experience in that field?

You go through your first two years of college just getting all of your GEP classes in and getting to know your major but have minimal exposure to your actual field of study.

Radio 1851 Studio

Okay, we’re Communication Majors, so we submit to HawkcHill every week as a course requirement and have hands-on experience with cameras, mics, and blogs. If you’re an education major, you have to do field work and shadow a teacher for your “Schools in Society” course requirement. What do you do if you don’t have any classes that offer exposure? One outlet offered right here, at Saint Joseph’s may surprise you!

Eddie Dauo, Freshman Radio Host

Having a radio show on Radio 1851 could be the perfect option for you! You’re not required any prior experience with radio or equipment and don’t need to be a specific major to sign up. Sign-ups for specific time slots run by the semester. If you’re interested in a potential show, email to ensure a spot next semester! 

Having a radio show can open up a world of opportunities. Not only are you gaining hands-on exposure to different equipment, but it is a way to showcase your overall communication skills and creativity. Also, anyone can listen to it. You have the potential of getting your name out there without having to apply for a mainstream internship.

Eddie Daou

Eddie Daou is a freshman communication major and has a show on Wednesday nights at 7 pm and Sunday’s at 1 pm called “Talking Flixtion”. Eddie recalls his favorite part of having a radio show, “The thing I love most is probably how laid back and relaxed it is because it’s very, how do I put this, user-friendly.”  

Tune into Eddie’s show by using the Radio 1851 app and check out his social media!

Talking Flixtion


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