Photo Courtesy of Molly Seeber, 2018

In the beginning of the Fall and Spring Semesters, campus ministry offers a special retreat, called Ignite, to all freshmen. For two nights and three days, freshmen are given the chance to reflect upon their transition into college in small groups of other freshmen and their upperclassmen leaders. The experience not only gave students an open mind and hopeful heart for the rest of their freshman year, it also gave them a new group of people on campus that they had a special connection with. Three Ignite Retreatants gave me insight on how going on the Ignite Retreat uplifted them and made their first year at SJU a little clearer.

“When I hear the word Ignite, I think, “Oh my family.” These people are not just my friends, they are my family. Coming into Saint Joe’s I was so scared that I wouldn’t be accepted or anything. I have to thank Ignite for making me feel like the best person I can be. I have never felt so happy picking Saint Joe’s and it’s because of this experience.” – Molly Sanders, 2020

 “Ignite was a special time for my classmates and I to connect with one another on a social and spiritual level while reflecting about our first year experience so far. It was so nice to get off campus, forget about school for a little while, and just live in the moment with quality people. Ignite reminded me of the Jesuit values that SJU stands for and enhanced my entire year with great people, great experiences, and great memories.” – Michael Tenney, 2020

“Ignite was an amazing experience. I was really able to take a step back and reflect on what’s important in my life. I was able to strengthen my relationship with God and cultivate relationships with so many new people. I went in with an open heart and by the end of the weekend my heart was overflowing with joy and love. I will always hold that weekend and the experience I had there close to my heart.” – Liz Garneau, 2020

– Colleen Duddy

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