Streaming networks like Netflix and Hulu are taking over our usage of cable tv. Streaming platforms are more accessible than cable, and are used a lot more often amongst college students. We still have that cable access through family cable subscription services, but what will happen when it comes time for us to have to make it on our own? Will we cut the cord or will some change in the market change our minds? Here’s why so many of us are two or three apps deep in the world of digital streaming.


It’s more affordable

Having a basic Netflix and Hulu account costs less than full fledged cable, streaming platforms are more accessible than cable (especially in a college setting). A typical all inclusive cable package with Comcast (Xfinity) can cost close to $100. And a Netflix subscription costs 13.99 for the Premium package. Basic cable typically goes for something like $50 to $100 which is useless because not all channels are permissible, and yet a basic subscription from Netflix costs 7.99, and is very similar to the Premium package. These prices for Netflix are significantly less, and yet you’re still getting a good bang for your buck. That is why streaming platforms are more commonly used than cable television.


Arguably the biggest attraction streaming services have is the ability to binge any show with little, if any, advertising in between. The ease and convenience made it a game changer to anyone resentful to the commercial break culture TV had raised us on. Sites like YouTube have accustomed a lot of us to only tolerate very limited advertising, so the average 2 minute TV commercial is definitely a deal breaker for some of us.

 Exclusive Content

Now that Netflix Originals have become commonplace as other platforms follow the trend, these platforms have gotten closer to looking like any standard TV production company. People love the licensed content coming out now, so there’s less attention on the aggregated content borrowed from other distributors like Disney. We haven’t forgotten about cable TV entirely. In fact, many still hold onto their cable for niche purposes. Sports entertainment nearly keeps top cable channels on life support. And the ability to DVR anything at your leisure is a huge convenience for people who watch scheduled programming.

Don’t panic Cable Watchers!

If you’re afraid cable is going to disappear anytime soon, there’s no worry. Cable usage in America has only been on a slight decline in the last few years. So while it may be on the way out, there’s plenty of time get the benefits you can out of it. Production companies certainly don’t want to lose that market, so many are providing it to us in the form of live TV bundles with some streaming subscriptions. Others have started their own streaming services as well that work with nearly any cable subscription through login. With so many viewing options and ways to save, we’ve never been this free as media consumers!



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