Although we find ourselves glued to our screens more often now due to COVID-19 lockdowns, their effects on our health have been showing for many years now. One of the principal issues with excessive technology use is the blue light emitted from their screens.

What is Blue Light?

The Electromagnetic Spectrum
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Blue light comes from the visible light frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum, which also measures invisible wavelengths such as infrared and ultraviolet. Harvard Health Publishing states that blue wavelengths are responsible for boosting mood and energy during daylight hours, so having it in excess or at night can throw off sleep schedules and irritate our eyes. However, there is one way to still use computers and phones frequently without risking health issues.

Blue light Glasses

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According to the Cleveland Clinic, blue light glasses are designed to filter out the blue light given off by digital screens and thus reduce eye damage. However, Dr. Rishi Singh, MD states that most people’s issues with eye strain fall under a term called Computer Vision Syndrome. CVS extends to numerous types of eye discomfort related to looking at screens, all of which are related to length of time rather than the type of wavelength. The benefits of blue light glasses are yet to be tested, yet many claim their issues are relieved by using them.

Is the damage already done?

The benefits that blue light glasses possibly bring are beneficial in our technology-focused world, but it highlights an important conversation about our lifestyles. Humans are not designed to sit down and stare at a screen for hours on end, as evident by the damage it does to our bodies. By making lenses that potentially allow us to work longer hours and spend more time online, we show that work is more important than our health. The negative effects of excessive screen time can be easily mitigated by reducing their use or taking breaks. Instead, some would prefer to use glasses that fuel these poor health habits and work ethics.

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