Picture of Student Logging into Zoom. Captured by Shelby Fields

While “Zoom Bombing” is a relatively new occurrence, many students at SJU have had at least one instance with it since the pandemic started. About 27% of SJU students who participated in a recent poll selected yes when asked if they have experienced Zoom Bombing. Whether it is someone named “Ben Dover” trying to join your DSS 200 class or someone exposing themselves to a class, zoom bombing can range from humorous to traumatic. 

Questions and Reasons for Zoom Bombing 

A question many students have asked themselves is why zoom bombing still occurs when it can be prevented so easily. Another important question to ask is why aren’t zoom bombers kicked out in seconds. After reflection, it is clear that the technological handicap that many members of the SJU facility have is what enables this disruptive behaviour. If professors enabled a waiting room, then zoom bombers can be turned down before they even get into the class. If the zoom bomber manages to get in, the professor should be able to kick them right away. The problem is that professors don’t know how to do these things. 

Screenshot of Zoom Waiting Room. Captured by Shelby Fields

Another question this raises is whether this is the school’s fault or zoom’s. While zoom is not perfect, it does have the protocols in place to prevent zoom bombing. As a result, it is clear that the blame lies with many faculty members for not educating themselves on how to properly use zoom. While SJU has gotten many things right on handling the pandemic, teaching its facility to properly use zoom is not one of those things.  

Screenshot of Zoom Privacy Statement. Captured by Shelby Fields

Glitches in Zoom

Glitches occur everywhere, but especially through zoom as we have discussed in this article with incidents of zoom bombing. Although the “glitch” of zoom bombing causes distractions among students and teachers there is a valuable lesson. The lesson would be that teachers are not perfect and that they too are learning and navigating this period of online learning and teaching. Along with teachers and students learning how to navigate the online world of teaching it is also eye opening for those who work at zoom. This can be an opportunity for them to fix their glitches and build a stronger privacy system for their platform.

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