Imagine you stepped into a time machine, transporting you back to the year 2000. You survived Y2K (phew!), but now you’re a freshman in college. You could barely get through a day in 2018 let alone 2000, but here we go….

First thing’s first, who’s my roommate?

If this was 2018 you’d be packing your car on a hot summer day to journey to college and finally meet your roommate, the person you’ve stalked on multiple social media sites for months, in person.

But it’s 2000, so you’re slightly dreading meeting your roommate: you have no idea who they are, what they look like, or if they’re similar to you in any way. You’ll finally come face to face once you step into the 17′ x 10′ room you two will share for the next 9 months.

The flu has taken you hostage.

You’re sick– the communal shower germs finally caught up with you, so you’re stuck in bed with a fever and a nasty cough. Most of your classes are lecture heavy, meaning you’ve missed an entire class worth of powerpoint slides which feels like an entire week of material.

If this was 2018 you could head on over to Blackboard to download the powerpoint slides for today’s class. You could even lay in your bed and flip through the slides (even though you probably won’t).

 But it’s 2000, so you’re forced to awkwardly ask the person you’ve sat next to in class for weeks, but have never talked to, for the notes. They, like most people in the class, dozed off and only wrote half a page of notes :/

You’re not sick anymore! but you have a group project…

The always dreaded group project is taking a new form in your class: a group paper!

If this was 2018, you and your group would only have to meet once to organize who is writing what sections of the paper. You create a Google doc and share it with your group members, and everyone does their part for the paper (more or less).


 But it’s 2000, so you and your group have to meet multiple times a week to type up the paper together in one document. Not everyone in your group can meet at the same time, so you and one other person end up writing most of the paper for the group.

You’ve made some friends and want to hang out this weekend!

You and your friends want to go see a movie, but the closest theater is on Main Street in Manayunk. The bus leaves every 20 minutes, but it isn’t always reliable. If you don’t leave in ample time, you could miss the beginning of the movie and not have time to buy popcorn!

If this was 2018, you and your friends could order an Uber at 5:45pm to make it in time for the 6:30pm movie. You could even purchase your tickets via your cellphone to skip the ticket line. You and your friends would get there with enough time to buy snacks before the movie starts.

But its 2000, so you and your friends wait for the 5:40pm bus that doesn’t arrive until 5:50pm. You don’t get to the theater until 6:25pm, and by the time you buy tickets and snacks you’ve missed the first five minutes of the movie 🙁

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