In the world of business, it is essential, and almost enforced, that you create a LinkedIn profile in order to look for jobs and create a network of connections.  This is a similar concept to an article called “The Politics of the Interface” by Selfe & Selfe.  They write about the politics of the interface, which is a point of connection with another thing, and how power is established and enforced when we are online.  You may have read about LinkedIn from a previous HawkcHill post, but LinkedIn is a point of connection where professionals all over the world are able to network with each other.  It is like a professionals social media hub that is heavily emphasized in the business world.  

As a business student and a brother of the professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi), I can attest to this as SJU and AKPsi hold LinkedIn workshops and provide headshot sessions during the year in order for students to update their profiles on LinkedIn.  Make sure to check out SJU’s Career Development Center for updates on these types of events.  People, including myself, put their profile links on their resumes; and employers ask for your link when you apply for positions.  If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, then you are considered to be missing out in the world of business.  However, I know many of my friends in the College of Arts & Sciences think that LinkedIn would not be beneficial for them as they are not business students.  This is far from the truth, and let me tell you why:

Yes, LinkedIn may come off as a business professional site, but that does not mean individuals entering into different professions cannot play the game.  It is a place where students of all backgrounds can connect with professionals in their field of interest.  It is also a great way to keep track of your achievements after they no longer fit on your resume.  You can also use LinkedIn to showcase your work.  That could be a lab report, a research paper, and instagram graphic you created for a class that you’re really proud of.  Anything you would consider worthy of putting in your own personal portfolio, especially pieces on your COM personal website’s portfolio, can be showcased on your profile.  

Another key feature to LinkedIn is the ability to set up job alerts.  You can customize the job alerts to show you only full-time, part-time, or internship positions in whatever geographic location and industry you desire.  If you are a COM major/minor, you can select the Public Relations & Communications industry.  If you are on the sciences side, you can select from a range of industries that may relate such as Chemicals, Biotechnology, Hospital & Health Care, and Pharmaceuticals.  

Now that you may realize you can play the game of LinkedIn to your favor, let us provide some tips on how to up your LinkedIn profile game: 

Ensure You Have the Basics

If you don’t already, make sure you have a professional headshot as your profile picture.  Don’t just upload a selfie.  Ask a parent, sibling, or friend to take your picture against a white wall or outside with a pretty background.  Also, make sure you have a cover photo to showcase your personality, interests, work, or team moments.  I use a photo of Barbelin Hall in the Spring because I find it pretty and it showcases my interest and love for SJU.  You can find other SJU images on their website.  

Source: Rachel Butler’s LinkedIn Profile

Create an Eye-Catching Headline

Your headline can be found right below your name on your profile.  This is typically the first thing visitors see when looking up your profile as it is attached to your name anytime you are found on LinkedIn’s site.  It is crucial to make an eye-catching headline that will catch viewers, and employers, attention to look at your profile.  TopResume says it best, “you have 120 characters to work with, so why not write something that pops?  Think of it as a small billboard advertisement for you and what you do.”  Don’t just put your current job title or position, input your specialty and how you provide value to your company and customers.  Also, always ensure you target your headline to your target audience.  Did you lead your sorority of 140 girls as president this past year?  Maybe write a headline like “*Sorority Name* President leading over 140 sisters to personal and professional success.”  This will not only state your position, but also showcases that you can lead and manage a large group.  

Create a Custom URL

A customized URL makes it much easier for people to find your profile.  Ideally, you would want your URL to be as LinkedIn just assigns your URL a random combination of numbers when you create your account.  For example, my URL is  J is my middle initial and just was taken.  

To do this, go to your profile, and in the top right corner it should say “Edit public profile & URL”.  Click that, then click the pencil icon under “Edit your custom URL” to create your custom URL!  

Sources: Rachel Butler’s LinkedIn Profile

Expand Your Portfolio

Like previously mentioned in this article, include a lab report, a research paper, or an instagram graphic you created for a class that you’re really proud of.  If you were previously a writer for Hawk cHill, you could include those posts that you worked on with your team to your portfolio and increase your content on LinkedIn.  

Now that you have these tips, go make your LinkedIn page shine!  Feel free to dm us on 

Instagram to tell us how it goes and if this article was helpful!  Best of luck on your professional journey!

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