Two hundred dollars can eventually turn into $2 million. This is what many students are realizing as people are now investing at younger and younger ages.

Some people automatically associate stocks and investing with the older generations. Nowadays younger generations are getting informed about stocks, how they work and the benefits and drawbacks that come with investing.

More than 70 percent of Gen Zers are currently invested in stocks or some sort of investment with their money, according to GoBankingRates. When we talked with students from Saint Joseph’s University we found that many people find stocks coming up in their daily life. These students talked about how they got into investing and what it means for them. 

They have started to invest now for a bigger pay out in their future. They know the risks they are taking but they know an opportunity when they see one. They do not only want to have stocks but hope to have other investments in their portfolio. Whether that be the crypto market or real estate these students are looking to have a big portfolio. This does not only apply to SJU students but to the younger generation as a whole.

Sometimes you can hear the talk on college campuses as well. People are not only talking about investing into stocks, but thinking about retirement and life insurance for their future families. This can seem overwhelming but the first step is to start investing small like your fellow hawks have. Some people may contribute the desire to invest at an early age because our generation has lived through some economic troubles.  

Our generation is more informed and that allows us to jump on an opportunity when we see one. Comparitively, only 43 percent of millennials are invested in the stock market according to Yahoo. This can change the idea that investing is only for older generations and encourage more young people to invest for their future. Many people do not know where to start when making their first investment. That’s why we provided a nice investment guide for 20-year-olds from ClearTax.

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