Carlos Rodriguez ’23 prefers podcasts over radio talk shows.

When you look back on your childhood, you tend to think about your parents playing radio talk shows in the car with loads of ads thrown in between breaks.

Recently, there has been a noticeable shift in radio talk show popularity towards the thriving trend of podcasts.

Podcasts, invented at its most basic form in 2004, are digital audio files that are normally sequenced in episodes. They can be downloaded for an individual to listen to whenever they want, and they encompass a large variety of topics that people are interested in.

Jaclyn Pieser, who writes for the New York Times, wrote an article in March 2019 about podcasts growing exponentially in popularity, among both older and younger generations.

“Forty percent of people between the ages of 12 and 24 listened to a podcast last month — a 10 percent jump from 2018,” Pieser said.

Video by Chris Kline

Students and professors at St. Joe’s are clearly following this growing popularity, with reasoning from ease of access to their interests to the lack of advertisements.

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“I like listening to podcasts just because I am able to control when I can pause it or start it,” Taylor Geiger ’21 said.

Rodriguez ’23 said that he listens to podcasts for reasons of ease and his interests.

“It is easier to access on demand,” Rodriguez ’23 said. “And, it is easier to get information regarding topics that I am interested in such as sports.”

Rodriguez’s two favorite podcasts that pique his interests are Bleacher Report’s podcast and Football Daily’s, which are both about soccer around the world.

Photo taken by Chris Kline

Dr. Nancy Fox, associate professor of Economics at St. Joe’s, said that she likes listening to podcasts most when she is exercising.

“I like podcasts because they allow me to listen to the programs that I like whenever I want to listen to them,” Fox said. “If I miss the regular podcast, I know I can catch up.”

It is clear that with the nationwide growth of podcasts’ popularity, most Hawks are following along with this trend.

“Anytime’s good [to listen to a podcast],” Rodriguez ’23 said. “It is just a matter of finding a seat and chilling out with a podcast. It’s great.”


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