You wake up each morning, and what is the first thing you do? For most people, this is the first time you will check your phone. Whether you check Instagram, read news on Twitter, or look up today’s weather, this is the first time your location will be tracked.

Location data tracking has become so vast that a single person’s location can be tracked over 14,000 times a day! It’s so easy to find out nearly every detail of someone’s life because their location can be updated by the second. You can figure out where someone lives, works, and plays which enables you to understand the type of person they are.

Almost everyone is aware that their smartphones track them but almost no one realizes just how much. With rising concern over the safety and logistics of location tracking, we asked Saint Joseph’s students if they are bothered by the abilities of technology tracking their actions.

When considering the advantages vs. disadvantages of tracking, students often see the perks weighing out the cons. They feel as though using Instagram and Find My iPhone is worth being tracked, “I’m not really that bothered by it because I don’t really pay attention.” said freshman Jaylan.

Teenagers are ignorant to just how easily they are being tracked, “I didn’t even know they [Amazon Echo] were recording you,” said Molly. People really do not understand the magnitude of data location tracking; and if they did, they probably would not be OK with it.

“I think it’s a little spooky at times and it gives insight about private things,” said Jack, “knowing other people have access to it is a little uncomfortable.”

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