Chris Maffuid spends hours a day playing a seemingly pointless game on his phone.  He likes the game ‘2048’ because “it is time consuming and I play it in class, while walking to class, or when I’m bored in bed.”

Among the seemingly endless number of things our smartphones can do for us is something every college student falls victim to… procrastination.  Have you ever been bored enough to download a pointless game on your phone and spend parts of the next few hours playing it? Well, you’re definitely not alone.

If you’re looking for one of these to occupy your time, these are some other students’ favorites!

Screenshot of “2048” mobile game.

“I play ‘Helix Jump,’” said Mary Jane O’Conchie. “It’s really addicting, there’s a ball and you have to make it go straight down. I also play ‘Ballz,’ where you have to eliminate numbered bricks by firing balls at them. I play whenever I’m bored, and I play for about two hours a day.” 

Candy Crush is a lot of fun and really distracting,” said Mary Kate Cleary.  “I use it as a procrastination tool when I get bored of doing homework.” 

If you are like these students, and spend a little too much time playing these games don’t stress, because you’re just like everyone else! Everybody gets bored of school work and needs a break, and these games are a satisfying way to pass time. Here are some more recommendations:

Axe Climber

Screenshot of “Axe Climber” mobile game.

The mountain man must make it to the peak of each level, while avoiding obstacles along the way.


Screenshot of “Dune” mobile game.

You must land the ball smoothly in each valley, so that it can shoot as high back into the air as possible.

Fire Rides

Screenshot of “Fire Rides” mobile game.

There is a flaming ball on a string that you have to swing through each level and the obstacles along the way.

So, next time you are pushing off homework or are too bored to do literally anything else, try these out!

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