Formally and technically speaking, the library is a place where students get work done, privately or in a group. The library is such a huge part of campus and is always prominently displayed on campus tours for prospective students. If you observe the campus here, the library is in the center of campus, a perfect place for students to stop between classes. This placement of the library has definitely had a strong impact on the changes that have gone on inside of it over the years.

The library here has an “old side” and a “new side”. The “old side” of the library is a very old school and classic library. It consists of stacks of books, private cubbies, some study rooms, and a section of newer desktop computers.

The opposite side of the library, the “new side”, is connected to the “old side” by way of a foyer that allows people to easy flow through the building. The “new side” of the library consists of study tables, comfy couches, and computer setups. This is a good visualization and realization of the changes that the school is undergoing. People are so much more dependent on technology and their peers, no longer even thinking about touching books.

The new side of the library is set up with intention to gear students towards the new way of learning, not only inside the library, but outside as well, as it is located next to large concrete areas and the Barbelin courtyard. The library’s location on campus, as previously mentioned, allows students to just stop in between classes and socialize.The couches make for a great place to sit on a laptop and get comfy while doing homework, in a place with not much less of a distraction than one’s living room if they were to go home.

With all this being said, the idea of the library is still the same as it has always been, primarily a place to do work and to study. However, the layout and design of both the “new” and “old” sides has allowed for people to visually observe how the library’s function has changed throughout the years.


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