The death of cable television seems like it is getting closer every day.  Over the last few years, many providers and single channels have announced their own streaming services to join the likes of Netflix and Hulu.  

To get an idea of what Saint Joe’s students thought of yet another shift in technology, we asked if they believe if all of these companies having separate streaming platforms is a good thing or not.  

Sophomore Mike Falco said “it is very convenient because you can watch everything on your computer without cable and all of the things you can watch are more accessible.  You can also binge watch things, which I enjoy doing.”  

Blaise Venancio enjoys that he can watch sports while traveling as a student-athlete.  “It is convenient being able to stream games on the road because it keeps me busy while the team travels.”

“You can pay anywhere from $100-$150 for cable, but these streaming services are coming for $20-$30 a month, so it’s probably the end of cable with these much cheaper options,” said Ronny Branson.  

Sophomore Cyler Cleary thinks it is very healthy for a competitive market that these streaming services are all releasing their own content.  “With many of these platforms offer first party shows, we will see new types of entertainment that we’ve never seen before, causing an overall positive market.”

Tyler Andrew believes the overly saturated market of streaming services is a bad thing.  He said “most people aren’t going to buy one streaming service just to watch one show. The Office is coming off of Netflix, but nobody is going to buy NBC’s streaming service just to watch The Office.

If you are still unsure what to think about this new era of media consumption, here are some streaming services to look out for:

Apple TV+

    Apple’s venture into streaming includes all original content, including “The Morning Show” and the alternate history series “For All Mankind.”


    Disney fans will benefit greatly from the company owning some of the most beloved entertainment properties.  Fans of everything from Marvel Comics to “The Simpsons” will get their fill from Disney+.


    HBO’s streaming service will be home to the Warner Brothers’ catalog, including the “Harry Potter” franchise, Adult Swim shows such as Rick and Morty, and plenty of original content.  Unlike their competitors, HBO Max will include social features that will allow users to follow their favorite actors and see what they like to watch.

Peacock (NBC)

    Peacock by NBC will be free to NBC subscribers and will be home to fan-favorite shows like “The Office,” along with original content.


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