We have finally made it to that pivotal moment in the year; finals week has arrived, stress is high, homework is piling up to the clouds, and winter break is so close yet so far. At this time, it can be hard to stay on track with school and stay motivated. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of tech-savvy productivity tools that all students can take advantage of as finals week approaches.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar has been worshipped amongst college students. Google’s calendar tool has been called a lifesaver and organizer by many. With this tool, Google calendar allows users to plan their day from class times, homework time, study and lunch breaks, to meetings and appointments. Users can also color code events and tasks to allow for extra organization. Google calendar allows anyone to stay on track with their day and to map out the day from start to finish!

Screenshot taken by Abby Williams

Cold Turkey

With most homework and school materials being online, this can allow for more distractions. Face it, we all have experienced that urge to open up YouTube or Netflix when working on homework. With Cold Turkey, users can block defined URLs, domains, and the entire internet. Cold Turkey allows students to stay focused on studying for final exams with no distractions-guaranteed.

Photo taken by Aidan Dowling
Screenshot taken by Abby Williams


Let’s face it, not all of us have stellar grammar when writing. Grammarly is the perfect aid for that dreaded twenty-page paper, especially for those who hate extensive proofreading. Grammarly gives its users real-time suggestions for their writing, from word choice to punctuation errors. With this device, students can take pressure off themselves when hunting for things such as a misplaced comma!

Spotify and YouTube

Everyone studies differently: some like quiet and others like some noise. Two free great apps for listening are YouTube and Spotify. There are a variety of playlists of songs and relaxing focus noises. Playlists vary from lo-fi music to nature sounds and white noise. YouTube also offers live streams for study noises and music. To get you started, here are two recommended Spotify playlists to use for your next study session!


Short on time to study for that one exam? Not a problem, Quizlet allows users to access a million study sets for various topics created by other users. After selecting the study set you would like to use, you can pick your study method. Quizlet allows a variety of study modes such as write, learn, spell, and test mode. It also gives the option to play study games with your selected set such, as matching and gravity!

With these online resources, college students can focus while setting themselves up for the highest grade on final exams. Not only that, but these tools will allow students to take some weight of stress off their shoulders. Stay strong, Saint Joe’s students, the end of the semester is closer than you know it!

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