The definitive answer to “where did I put my….” Is here.

The newly released Apple AirTag solves this age-old problem. Once placed on an item and activated the AirTag will track the item by using nearby devices to signal the Find My App. Apple ensures customers’ signals are encrypted and anonymous. Once located the Find My App will provide directions to the item’s exact location. A new feature called Lost Mode allows AirTag users to get notifications about their belongings whereabouts.

Your first question is probably about how much one of these would cost. To purchase one AirTag from Apple, it will cost $29.99. If you want to have more than just one tag, a 4 pack costs $99.99.

So, what is everybody putting on AirTag’s on? Pets, keys, cars, luggage, the TV remote, and yes even kids. There seems to be no boundaries on what people are willing to track. The new mantra is, “If I can lose it, I can track it”. Tracking has never been so in style.

Check out these videos to see how people are using Apple’s new product:


Put the AirTag on a collar and you’ll never have to search too far for your pets on the loose again!


“Where’d I put my keys?”


There won’t have to be any more worries when you park in a busy lot. You can leave an AirTag in your car and avoid losing it in a large area.


Sometimes traveling can be hectic, so why not make it easier by being able to find your bags whenever they get misplaced.


Who moved the remote? We hate to admit it, but sometimes our TV remote grows legs and walks away, which can be very frustrating. Attach an AirTag to avoid that annoying situation!

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