Hawk Hill gets excited for the drop of Spotify Wrapped 2021

With the end of 2021 quickly approaching, Spotify is soon to release each of its listeners’ Spotify Wrapped, rumored to come out in December.  While some are excited to see what Spotify has in store, others are asking themselves what is this? Since its creation in 2015, Spotify users count down the days until the next Wrapped release, while others see it as just another ordinary day. Being unique to Spotify, users are getting excited to have their personal flashbacks, which non-Spotify users are unable to experience.

No matter which side they stand on, one cannot deny the fascination of being able to examine their listening habits and revisit old music they have forgotten all about. Spotify has developed a way to streamline its followers’ listening habits and guide them as they pass through break-ups, holidays, stressful times, and moments of joy. By collecting listeners’ data throughout the year, Spotify compiles a top 100 playlist of most listened to songs as well as a detailed list of facts about listening patterns, like how many songs listeners added to their playlists, favorite artists and songs, how often they listened to a song compared to others, as well as their total minutes spent listening to music this year. Spotify Wrapped is a looking glass into its followers’ music history, allowing them to relive the past year of their lives through song. 

Spotify Wrapped shows listeners' data such as their most played songs, minutes they have spent listening, and how many new artists they have discovered. Photo by Rachel Hornig

Curious to see what Saint Joseph’s students thought about their listening habits, we randomly surveyed students and the results vary from those who have a good idea of what they would find in their Wrapped, to those who admitted to having musically evolved throughout the year. Here are some of their thoughts:

Jake Carruba felt like he would find lots of Kanye while Pat Coyle was confident Kid Cudi would make an appearance.

Andrew Chavez admitted his excitement about Wrapped because he “started listening to different styles of music and [is] intrigued to see it change from last year.” 

Elizabeth Rattazzi uses this release as a way to, “compare her Wrapped with her friends and see what other people have listened to.” 

We were also eager to see how much time each student spends devoted to music. The results revealed numbers ranging from 20,000 minutes to estimations of over 100,000 minutes. It was shocking to see that some students estimated spending tens of thousands of minutes wired into Spotify. Freshman Kevin Jumper admits that he “listens to music everywhere [he] go[es],” estimating a whopping 50,000 minutes, while sophomore Ryan Hoffman, who was sporting headphones at the time of the interview listening to J. Cole, is estimated to have listened to “well over 100,000 minutes this year.”

For those who are new to Spotify or do not know that Wrapped exists, this is an exciting time for listeners. As technology continues to evolve, Spotify can morph into a hands-on experience that taps into the whole person. Curious to see your year in music? Check out Spotify.com!

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