Starting fall semester 2019, the Office of Public Safety and Security is now offering a custom safety app on Hawk Hill – SJU Safe. The new safety app contains twelve different features and is available for both iOS and Android devices. With over 1,200 downloads as of early September, SJU Safe is used to bring new safety resources to campus.

The Office of Public Safety & Security is located in Barbelin, Room 13.

One of the twelve features of SJU safe is Virtual Walk Home. This is a feature where students can request a virtual walk home and public safety dispatchers can virtually monitor a person safely get to their destination by using a GPS tracking while on campus. 

Users can also opt to use “friend walk” which uses the same GPS technology, but a friend monitors the walk instead of a public safety dispatcher. Besides the app being able to track a user’s location, they are also able to obtain everyone’s information and contact information. Users are encouraged to sign in with their SJU credentials to access all available features on the app.

The app also contains the emergency plan for SJU as well as the campus map.

SJU Safe was created in late August by Arthur Grover, director of public safety and security here at St.Joe’s. “I would like [students] to download it and use it, leverage it to its fullest capacity because it really is an important safety initiative,” Grover said. “It has the potential to change the way people interact with Public Safety, and we welcome it.” An important safety precaution includes the mobile BlueLight activations located right on SJU Safe, in case of emergencies. Push notifications can also be enabled for breaking safety alerts on Hawk Hill.

There are certain features on the app that are not be allowed to be used for emergencies. Report a Tip is only for problems within a dorm or a situation on campus and can not be used in emergency situations. Report a Tip can also be accessed if people unrelated to the University are on campus. This feature allows users to submit evidence, such as images if needed. The app is also available for download and can be accessed anytime throughout the day.

Interview with public safety lieutenant Brian Schaubhut

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