Spending five hours a week on only Snapchat sounds ridiculous…until you look at the new Screen Time feature in the settings of your iPhone and see that you have used Snapchat for 10 hours just in one day.

The new feature, Screen Time, breaks down the time you spend on your phone. You’ll either feel ashamed or proud of yourself when comparing your screen time with friends. We decided to predict the amount of time spent on our phones per day, which apps we used most, and how many times we picked up our phones. We each screenshotted our data from our phones at the end of the day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Amount of time spent on phone: I probably spend about four hours on my phone per day.
Which apps were used the most: Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube
How many pick ups per day: 150

Total Screentime on Tuesday, November 6th.

Response to Screentime data: I was on my phone for almost seven hours today. I am definitely disappointed in myself. I’m going to set goals for myself and try to stay off of my phone as much as possible because I can be doing more efficient things with my time.



Total Screentime on Tuesday, November 6th.

Amount of time spent on phone: I think I spend three to five hours each day on my phone.

Which apps were used the most:  Instagram, Messages, and Snapchat.

How many pick ups per day:  I think I pick my phone up 150 times per day.

Most used apps on Wednesday, November 7th.

Response to Screentime data: After looking at the Screentime setting for three days, I was shocked. Out of the three days, I was on my phone an average of eight hours and three of those hours were on snapchat alone. This made me realize that I should start to use my free time doing things that can benefit me.

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