When it comes to technology, it is not an understatement that it causes distractions. Technology has its positives but at the same time it causes a lack of human interaction. When asked, 100% of SJU students agreed that since being introduced to technology, their attention span has grown short. 

On a daily basis, the average millennial picks up their phone over 100 times a day. This constant use of technology has caused not only an addiction that is hard to cure but a shortened attention span that has become much too common among children, teens, and young adults. Short videos and a constant refreshing of social media feeds has rewired our brains and caused our attention span to go from 12 seconds to about 8, which is said to be shorter than that of a goldfish. 

In an essay written by professor Katherine Hayles, she talks about the many ways she feels technology has influenced students’ performance both in and outside of the classroom. The increase of ADHD among younger generations stuck out to her. A person with ADHD is unable to sit still and focus on one thing for a long period of time. It is known to affect people in a workplace, school, and even in their relationships with others.

It is also common for children of younger generations to suffer from ADD. Attention deficit disorder is slightly different from Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Students who suffer from ADD may not be as hyper as students with ADHD, however, they are challenged when trying to focus. You might notice that they have unorganized work stations and struggle to manage their assignments. This is unfortunate because students suffering from ADHD/ADD may become frustrated and discouraged by the challenges they face academically. From the statistics drawn, she made the claim that hyper attention is undoubtedly on the rise and the main reason behind it is exposure to media starting at a fairly young age. 

Student receiving a text message and picking up her phone while doing homework.
Photo by: Mackenzie McBride

Although technology itself can be very tempting, it is a good idea to steer away from it at times and become aware of all that lies right in front of you. When it comes to your future, technology will start to not matter as much. The hard work you put into it and the relationships you grew with others will. So every once in a while when you are conversing with others, in class, or simply doing your homework turn away from the distractions of technology and focus your attention on the now.  


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