Lockdown created a scenario that people never thought they would be in. People were disconnected from their families and friends, near and far. To cope with the seperation from loved ones, technology companies used different tactics to bring those far away from you closer to home. Aside from Zoom, one technology feature in particular that stuck was the ‘Netflix Watch Party’ feature on Netflix. 

This feature it quiet simple to use. The host of the party selects the show and clicks on the “NP” icon, located next to the address bar on Netflix itself. The Teleparty extension is needed, but it is simple to download for users who do not already have it. Finally, the host sends out the link to other members who click on the red icon, and then the party gets started!

We spoke with Michele, a student from Saint Joseph’s University about her experience with Netflix Watch Party. Michele started using it two-weeks into Quarantine in March of 2020, she felt that because she was an avid Netflix watcher, this would be a great way to connect with her family and friends that she physically could not be with. Michele mainly had Netlifx Watch Parties with her family from other states, and her friends from college that she couldn’t see. 

Even with Michele being back at school, she continues to use watch party which helps to keep her connected with her family back home and her friends at other schools far away. 

Michele enjoys the chat feature of watch parties as it gives a different experience compared to just talking about the show after the fact. Overall, Michele feels it was a great way to spend lockdown, keeping her connected to the people she loves, but safe at the same time. 

COVID was a time that no one looks back on and misses, the one feeling that may be missed, specifically with college kids, is being with their family. This watch party feature allows students to watch shows they love with the ones they love even if they are far away. 

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