So why do we post what we post? We make so many decisions in our lives on a daily basis, and many of our decisions are based on what others will think of us. People post things to get a response from other people, whether it be a like, a favorite, a retweet, a comment, a share, a republish, and everything else of that nature.

Instagram poll.

Social media in today’s society is controlling our lives, so we decided to take it a step further and have Instagram actually control our lives.We posted polls on our Instagram stories and asked our followers to make decisions for us. Others have taken part in this challenge and have gone so far as to end up in other countries.

Sophomore, Guillermo Caro had his followers make decisions for him. “When I was ready to go out, my friend joked that I should wear all the watches that I own. My followers agreed I should flex, so I went with the two watches.”

Caro’s followers chose his late night meal as well. “I asked my followers if I should order one nugget or forty. So, guess who’s having a forty-piece order of chicken nuggets for dinner tonight?”

Instagram poll about food choice.

We post highly edited photos of ourselves to get affirmation from followers who rarely know much about us, other than our posts. We may have actually let our followers decide our lives, but all in all, your followers decide what you post whether you like it or not.

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