Two best friends on the water polo team decided to make a podcast… 

Senior, Paul Goertel and Junior, Dan Trout, wanted to create something that gave students at Saint Joseph’s University a sense of mindfulness and a helpful experience in 10-15 minutes. That was the inspiration behind the creation of their upcoming podcast, Find Your Focus.

Dan and Paul wanted to open up a dialogue between Saint Joseph’s University students and young people everywhere about how to be more mindful while giving them tips. They created the podcast to help people of all ages with some of life’s most difficult, but common struggles.  Finding their own sense of mindfulness through their experiences on campus and through various school involvements, they wanted to share some of their insight to their peers. Understanding that college can be a very difficult and existential time in everyone’s lives gave them the motivation to put their content out there for members of their own community and beyond to hear and enjoy.

Using the resources they have, Dan and Paul set up a microphone to their laptop and use it to record their episodes in their own bedroom. No special set-up is required to make good quality content. “Just our thoughts, ideas, and a microphone we bought on the internet”, Paul says.They are looking to officially release their podcast on Monday, November 26th because they wanted to give people some advice on mindfulness and peace of mind in the midst of finals preparation. The podcast will include a weekly check-in, ways to find your focus in school and in life, and tips on how to grow individually as a person. They will also include topics like how to relieve stress, and how to practice mindfulness when you have a busy schedule.

They are preparing to put the podcast out on platforms like iTunes and Spotify so keep an eye out and tune in to their first couple episodes!



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