This week’s unveiling of new IPhone models started the typical selling season for smartphones. What’s different in 2020 is Americans are getting pitched hard on buying a new phone to get access to the next generation of cellular networks, known as 5G.

The message is: 5G = Good! Fast! Get it now!

Reality: It is not that good or that fast at the moment and most people in the United States don’t need to get it now.

Cell phone companies like AT&T or Verizon are pedaling this idea of a stronger and faster network to the consumers of the United States but the only way to get it is by buying the new iPhone. The network is hardly different from our Current network and these companies are swindling the public into spending a lot of money on something they do not need.

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Phone companies need to communicate more effectively about 5G rather than lying to the public about how strong this new network truly is. Phone companies are far to involved in the marketing of networks and the actual releases of new products, and it has been a huge problem for a long time.

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