Midterm week is no doubt a very stressful time for students.  People rely on a variety of things to give them the energy to continue studying.  The most popular source of energy for college students is coffee, and we have many different coffee options on campus.  One of the most popular spots is Saxbys in the Campion Student Center, and they’ve decided to try something new.

Recently, Saxbys added a new latte option called “Matcha”. Matcha is a kind of tea that is known for its many health benefits. This drink comes in many different flavors, like: Vanilla Love, Main Squeeze, Big Mood, Matcha Latte, and Iced Matcha Latte. But just how good are these new drinks, and how do they compare to other drinks, like coffee?

Two students enjoying their caffeine fixes. Photo by Casey Wood.

Is Matcha the new Iced Coffee?

Every time something new is introduced on Hawk Hill, students are very excited to try it.  According to our poll, around 44 percent of the people who responded have tried the new Matcha drink at Saxbys.  According to another poll, Vanilla Love was voted as the most popular flavor, with the second most popular flavor being Big Mood.  As of right now, it seems like the Matcha drink has not grabbed everyone’s attention. However, as finals approach quicker than we think, more people will be looking for their energy fix.

Typical iced coffee order next to a Vanilla Love Matcha. Photo by Casey Wood.

Matcha Vs. Iced Coffee

Matcha is a type of tea that has a lot more health benefits than other teas and coffee do.  For example, the Hot Matcha Latte has 135 calories, while the Iced Chai Tea Latte has 250 calories.  It has caffeine, but only about half of a cup of coffee’s worth. The people that we talked to said they would consider trying Matcha during midterm week, but only if the drink would give them energy.  It sounds like it is just a personal preference, and people are satisfied as long as they get their energy fix.

Video by Casey Wood


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