The most famous Italian Ice place just reopened for the season: Rita’s! Rita’s Ice-Custard-Happiness is located all across the United States and their busiest time of the year is on the first day of Spring, March 20th. Founded right here in Pennsylvania, every year they hand out free Italian Ice. Going to college in the very state that Rita’s was founded in, with one right next to SJU in Overbrook, it is essential for you to go. If you have never been to Rita’s before, you might not know what to get and what products are most popular or you simply just want to try out a new flavor! So, take our quiz, based on SJU student questions, to determine which delicious Rita’s treat you should try along with what type of SJU student you are. The only thing you have to do is keep score of your choices and you can find out whether you’re a Gelati or Blendini type of person!

“There’s really nothing else to say about Rita’s! It’s the best cool, frozen, custard-y, refreshing, snack you can have on a hot summer day…or anytime! I just wish they were open year round!!”

An enthusiastic Yelp reviewer

Where do you live on campus?

 A. Freshman Dorm       B. Sophomore Living    C. Off-campus           D. Commuter

Where you spend your time in between classes?

A. Campion/ The Perch   B. Library                 C. Dorm room            D. Starbucks       

Where do you eat on campus?

A. DB                           B. Campion               C. I pack my lunch     D. Einsteins         

What are you involved in on campus?

A.Work at Kinney Center  B. Student-Athlete     C. Greek Life           D. Campus Ministry         

What is your major?

A. IHS, BIO, CHEM         B. MKT, BUS, ACC      C. COMM, ENG, ART.  D. POL, PSYCH, EDU         

If you got mostly A’s you got: 


“Creamy and crunchy, it’s mixed-up magic. Choose your favorite Italian Ice, along with Frozen Custard, then mix-in your own topping for your personal perfection.” –Rita’s

You got a Blendini! This means you’re an adventurous SJU student, someone who is fun and always changing things up. Based on your choices, you are a student who likes taking risks and is not afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Because you’re not afraid to explore, this delicious dessert is perfect for you! A Blendini is a combination of your favorite chocolates, sweet and sour candies, and any Italian ice you desire. Blendini’s are personally made to your liking with many combinations ranging from Banana Split Cream, Choc Chip Cheesecake to Cookie Dough and more. An awesome and unique combination to match your personality!

If you got mostly B’s you got:

Italian Ice

“Ice for All. We believe it’s everyone’s right to indulge in our legendary Italian Ice. If you’ve never tried our signature classic, we think you’ll find it puts the snow cone to shame. Much smoother and made with real fruit, it’s served daily within 36 hours of mixing.” –Rita’s

Italian Ice for a studious student! You’re the typical SJU student who thrives to excel in your studies and always aims for the sky. Doing what you’re told and always being respectful, you’re fully aware of what it takes to fulfill your dreams. Because you work so hard being focused and driven, you deserve some of Rita’s classic Italian Ice. This signature dessert is famous for its wide range of fresh flavors that transport you to your happy place. Using real fruit, they make many combinations such as Kiwi-Strawberry and Wild Black Cherry. Not only do they focus on providing real flavors, they produce extra candy flavors for all the sweet tooth’s out there such as the Swedish Fish and the Sour Patch Kids Red.

If you got mostly C’s you got: 

Frozen Custard

“Cup or Cone? Either way, our smooth, creamy Old Fashioned Frozen Custard is sure to make your mouth happy. Add some sprinkles, hot fudge or caramel toppings and ‘Oh my custard.'” -Rita’s

This old-fashioned treat is the perfect dessert for a care-free student like you! Not letting the stress of life get to you, you’re the kind of student that is so sure of your future that you know how to relax. You like to procrastinate a lot, yet always get things done before the deadline. With that “go with the flow” attitude, you seem inactive to the naked eye. Nevertheless, those who really know you, know that you don’t focus on the small mindless things in life. You like to focus your energy on a matter that is important and although you’re always relaxed, your not afraid to step up to the plate. So, for those time’s you like to stay in and keep calm, a Frozen Custard is perfect for you! Giving you more of the ice cream feel, this treat brings you back to your childhood. Just add some toppings like hot fudge or rainbow sprinkles and you’re ready to go.

If you got mostly D’s you got: 


“A layering of your favorite Italian Ice and creamy Frozen Custard. Find out why it’s our #1 selling treat!” -Rita’s 

Need a break from all your extracurricular activities? Stop by Rita’s for a Gelati. This treat is meant for students who are very involved in their University. Always joining new clubs and attending or helping in events, you’re the type of student that wants to make a difference and likes to lend a hand. Whether it’s Greek Life or Adventure clubs, you’re always searching to become part of groups full of people that you can relate to. The Gelati is Rita’s #1 selling treat, which goes perfectly with students who always aim to be #1 and aren’t afraid to integrate themselves. It’s also perfect for those who can’t choose between Ice and Custard. You can choose two different flavors without mixing them together, that way you get two separate amazing experiences.

If you got uneven scores or ties, you got:


  “We take your favorite Italian Ice and Custard. Blend. Voila. The perfect drink for you on-the-go-getters. Get a mouthful of Misto!” -Rita’s 

This juicy alternative is perfect for those students who are the most active and busy. Don’t have time to eat your dessert? This is drink is the best for a quick treat. You’re the type of person that’s always running from one place to another whether it’s to class, a job, or daily errands. Misto is a blend of your personal favorite flavors of Custard and Ice to form an excellent cool treat. Picking from all the fresh flavors Rita has in store, you can make anything you want. It’s the perfect opportunity to get creative. Who knows? You might create something completely new!


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