In retrospect, this semester was a good run. You never missed any opportunities for open bars at Mad River, and Chipotle was your middle name. Recently though, you’ve probably opened up that trusty mobile banking app and realized the painful truth. You’re broke AF. It’s no longer a question of whether or not you can afford all those drinks on the weekend. Instead, it’s, “Will I be able to not starve to death between now and May?” Fortunately, with a little effort, you can survive long enough to get destroyed by your finals, and even enjoy what you’re eating in the process.

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Unfortunately, with your newly found frugal lifestyle comes some painful sacrifices. It may be hard to hear, but if you want to be able to afford food, that means you’ll have to give up stuff like two Starbucks runs a day, or your addiction to the Whole Foods in Wynnewood, where the asparagus is $200 an ounce. (Estimate)

“Time to brush up on those cooking skills…”

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Another one of the most important steps in being a food frugalista is making sure to really stretch your dollar at the grocery store. The key here is knowing what to look for, and staying away from items that will gouge you with the cost of convenience. Everyone loves those pre-cooked bags of chicken strips, but when compared to raw chicken, you’re paying at least 2 times more per pound. Time to brush up on those cooking skills…

Stealing is wrong, but stealing from campion feels so right.

Photo by Keith Banquer

A great way to get your hands on foods that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford is to take advantage of certain opportunistic scenarios. There are plenty of events on campus where food is served, for the low, low price of free. There are also numerous ways to take advantage of the food offered in Campion as well. I’m not advocating stealing from the dining hall, but I’d be lying if I told you that I paid for all these bananas myself. I pay 50,000+ a year, I deserve some fruit.

-Keith Banquer

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