Us Americans love our fast food. Whether it be for the convenience of drive-thrus, the readily available food, the cheap prices, or the simple craving for some delicious, salty, and greasy food, we all indulge in one of these top fast-food restaurants every once in a while. Each one of these restaurants has a dollar menu or some kind of combo deal that averages just around five dollars. Here are the main meals for deals you can buy at these places and which ones are the biggest BANG for your buck!

Wendy’s – The 4 for $4

At Wendy’s the go-to combo meal that comes out to just a little bit over five dollars when including tax, is the famous 4 for $4. In this meal, you get to choose from a crispy chicken sandwich or a junior bacon cheeseburger, and then it comes with four nuggets, a small fry, and a drink. Overall this meal is pretty solid for the value and the amount of food you are getting. You are essentially getting a sandwich, nuggets, fries, and a drink all for just $5. 

Rating : 8.3/10

Taco Bell – $5 Build Your Own Cravings Box

In the Build Your Own Cravings Box, you by far have the biggest variety to choose from out of all the other restaurants. Similar to the Wendy’s 4 for $4, there is a main item, 2 side items, and a drink. You are able to choose one specialty item like a signature Chalupa Supreme, Cheesy Gordita Crunch or Crunchwrap, then one starter item such as a Crunchy Taco, Soft Taco, Beefy 5-Layer Burrito or Bean and Cheese Burrito, then for the side you can choose Chips & Nacho Cheese Sauce or Cinnamon Twists and of course your choice of a medium fountain drink. While this $5 deal may give you the most creativity with your order and may taste delicious, with all the extra add-ons this meal could run you closer to $7 in the end, and has just as much food to offer as the Wendy’s 4 for $4.

Rating: 7.7/10

Burger King – $4 Whopper Jr. Meal For Two

Now just like every other place here mentioned, they all have endless amounts of deals and discounted combo meals, but this is about which specific ones have the biggest bang for your buck. In this case it’s essentially two meals in one. You get two Whopper Jrs., two small fries, and two small drinks, honestly all for the price of one small Whopper Jr. meal. Out of every meal mentioned, this is the only combo meal that actually adds in two drinks and is in reality two separate meals. The value for this choice could quite possibly be up there at the top, especially since this meal starts out at $4.

Rating : 8.7/10

McDonald’s – 2 for $5

Right now at Mcdonald’s, customers can enjoy two famous menu items like the Filet-O-Fish, Big Mac, and 10 piece Mcnuggets all for just five dollars. That means you could get 20 nuggets, or even 2 Big Macs for as little as $5 including tax, which would only slightly increase your order an extra quarter and a dime. Out of every meal deal here listed, this is by far the best deal when it comes to the value and the amount of food.

Rating : 9.5/10

So next time you need a cheap, quick meal you can use this list to find the best deal!

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