***DISCLAIMER: Some of the videos contain static. We do apologize for it***

The music we listen to says a lot about who we are as people. 

We asked fellow students what they were listening to and by who. We received a variety of answers, from tracks from Adele’s new album to Homecoming by Kanye West. Some songs we’ve heard on TikTok and others we might have never heard before but we know them now. 

Some students deceived us when we asked what song they were listening to. One student in particular stated that “I’m not listening to anything, I only have them in so no one talks to me”. 

The first person we asked was listening to “Seventeen going Under” by Sam Fender. This song is currently trending on TikTok. One student wasn’t using headphones, and had “Never Meant” by American Football playing out loud on his walk to class. 

One student told us she was listening to “I Drink Wine” from Adeles new album, released on Friday, the 19th. We heard from another student listening to “LA Devotee” by Panic at The Disco.

The difference in someone’s music taste compared to others is astounding because it opens new doors to music we’ve never heard of before.

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