Whenever people hear Philly and cheesesteaks in the same line, they think Larry’s, Jim’s, Pat’s, Geno’s, Dalessandro’s, you know the Top Ten Spots.

People are attracted to the big names they’ve seen in movies and heard about around the states. I mean most people are because their not from Philadelphia. But what are they missing out on only looking visiting the tourist spots?

First, they overlook the smaller names like Wynnefield Pizza, Delancey Street Pizzeria, Rittenhouse Pizza. Second, they pay inflated prices for brand name and not for quality. I mean as a college students you’ve got to get bang for your buck.

We can’t just take an Uber to Tony Luke’s because we’re hungry and then spend fifteen dollars on one meal EVERY DAY!

Why go through the hassle when you can stop by a corner store with hot food or a local pizzeria like Robola’s and grab an equally great “steak wit wiz.”

The best cheesesteaks are often the cheapest but you’ve got to go to the hidden places. The spots in the veins and arteries of Philly, not the tourist proclaimed hearts.

We are in no way hating on any of the big names, but if you could go to Pete’s Pizza, one of the smaller, more intimate spots on a side street in Wynnefield less than a half-a-mile away, why not?



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