After hearing Markelle Fultz say on Jimmy Fallon that his favorite cheesesteak in Philadelphia is Larry’s Steaks, I had to try the cheesesteak for myself. One afternoon I went to Larry’s with a few friends to give it a try and little did I know I was breaking the unwritten rules of Larry’s. 

Rule number 1:

Never go to Larry’s before midnight on a Friday night. Week days Larry’s is open until 2 am but on weekends it is open until 4am – and for good reason. A sober bite of Larry’s steaks is something that could completely ruin one’s experience at this restaurant. However, a taste of Larry’s sometime around midnight and beyond, especially after a few drinks in your system, may just be the greatest thing you’ve ever eaten. 

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Rule number 2

Never go to Larry’s on a weekday. First of all, it’s breaking the first rule of going before midnight, but secondly you will get some weird looks from the employees or even other students on campus. If you ever take a walk over to Larry’s midday during the week, you will come to find an empty restaurant. You walk in and the employees will give a funny look as if they aren’t even open at those hours. It is basically a ghost town on the weekdays. It’s kind of like if you ever went to insomnia cookies during the day- unheard of.

Rule number 3

Only ever order a cheesesteak from Larry’s. Its called Larry’s STEAKS for a reason and a good one at that. Some reading this may be confused but yes, Larry’s does indeed have other options: pizza, ham sandwiches, even salad! I know, who knew? But really, only order a cheesesteak when you’re stumbling in with your friends on the later hours of the weekend. The steak will taste like one of the best things to ever touch your tastebuds.

Rule number 4

Immediately look for a seat and secure it right when you walk in, or be prepared to take your food to go and eat it in your dorm. Believe it or not a lot of other people have the same idea as you and will be heading to Larry’s the same time. It becomes insanely crowded and you will have to work pretty hard to find a table for you and your friends.

Disclaimer: sometimes getting a table task will be completely impossible. Either there will not be a seat for you, or you look right past a perfectly fine booth so just head back to your room get into bed and enjoy this fabulous steak you worked so hard to get.

Rule number 5

Have your order prepared beforehand. Know yourself, either write your order in your notes on your phone or go off of memory, but make sure you know what you want going in, the employees don’t have time for your BS. I mean how would you feel if you were serving drunk college kids at 2am on a friday night? Probably not too happy, so do the courteous thing and know your order and ask for it as clearly and nicely as possible.

Pro tips:

#1 If you are waiting for your order for a while, you may just be able to snag a free cookie. Start looking sad, maybe even throw a few complains out there and the employees might just pity you and send a free cookie your way.

#2 Now, if it’s been a really long night and you are walking up to Larry’s after 4am and you see that tragic “closed” sign- don’t fret. Knock on the window and the employees may just let you in and take your order.

Note: These pro tips are not guaranteed but worth trying out. What do you really have to lose?

Follow these unwritten rules of larry’s and you should be good to go! Good luck and enjoy!



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