As Halloween is coming into full swing this week, there is mostly one thing on our minds: Halloween treats! They have been a part of our childhood and are impossible to resist snacking on for the whole month of November. When it comes to the dorm life, trick or treating isn’t too ideal of a plan. So, more food for us! However, most of us are ready to ditch the candy bars and get a little crafty.

It’s clear that most college students don’t have access to a full kitchen, most of us just have fridges and microwaves. With a little bit of cash and creativity, these appliances can help us make some festive treats for ourselves and roommates! Listed below are just a few ways to master the perfect Halloween treats in your dorm.

If You Have a Fridge:

“Worms in Graveyard Dirt” Pudding

This dessert has some of the classic childhood snack staples in it: chocolate pudding and gummies. In the Halloween spirit, this snack looks like worms crawling out of the “graveyard” dirt. Although it might sound gross, it is too delicious to not devour. It is a simple dish, but one of the most delectable. The ingredients you need are: chocolate pudding, oreos, and gummy worms. Simply pop open your pudding cup, place in some worms, and sprinkle some crumbled oreos on top! Easy, cheap, and quick!

“Worms In Graveyard Dirt Pudding”
Photo taken by: Tiffany Marciano

If You Have a Microwave:


Yes, that’s it. Just some popcorn and candy corn. Place some kernels into the microwave and pop that corn. When it’s cooled off, throw in some candy corn and you have yourself a party mix!

Photo taken by: Tiffany Marciano

Pumpkin Pie Mug Cake

So, while you’re strolling down the aisles of Target, CVS, or Walmart, you probably have seen mug cakes. These are an easy way to make yourself a personal cake in the microwave. This pumpkin mug cake is only $2.99 at Target, and it’s a genius way to satisfy your pumpkin cravings without having to buy a whole pie, or use an oven! This package includes four pouches of mix and four pouches of icing. All you need to do is add a tablespoon of water and a pouch of mix into a mug, stir it, and place it in the microwave for a minute. Let it cool for a few minutes and then drizzle on some delicious frosting. Bon appetit! 

If You Have a Fridge & Microwave:

Caramel Apples with Candy Corn

These are a necessity during the fall season. Only two ingredients: meltable caramel balls and apples. All you have to do is fill a bowl with a cup of the caramel balls and a tablespoon of water. Mix the two and place the bowl in the microwave for two minutes. The caramel will need a little mixing at first, then it should be a thick and smooth consistency. Dip your apples into the caramel as many times as you wish (for your desired taste). An optional an adorable bonus tip is to stick some candy corn onto the apples while they are drying. Lastly, put the apples on a plate and into the fridge to harden the caramel. Enjoy! 

Caramel Apple with Candy Corn
Photo taken by: Tiffany Marciano

See How We Made These Treats:

Halloween Treats Tutorial Made by Tiffany Marciano

Hopefully for those of you planning on spending the night in on Halloweekend, you now have some ideas for dorm friendly festive snacks!


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