Ahhhh, the yankee candle. Do you actually like candles if you don’t use yankee candles? We all love their classic scents, but have you ever paid attention to the not so common scents? We had Ashley test out some weird candle scents. Here were her reactions and guesses at their names!

Candle Number 1: Raspberry Lime

Click to view Raspberry Lime Reaction Video!

Guessed Name:  CHERRY BOMB


Description: Seems like a pretty basic scent right? Well, you thought wrong. How do you mess up raspberry lime and make it smell like Robitussin? Come on yankee candle, you’re better than this.

Candle Number 2: Tarte Tatin (yes, you read that right)

Click to view Tarte Tatin Reaction Video!

Guessed Name: APPLE PIE

Actual Name: TARTE TATIN

Description: Okay, apple pie smells pretty good to me… but tarte tatin? Is tatin even a word? What does that even mean?

(Tatin: caramelized and baked in the manner of an upside-down cake…because you can definitely turn that into a scent)

Candle Number 3: Happy Hanukkah!

Click to view Happy Hanukkah Reaction Video!



Description: Didn’t know Hanukkah, or any holiday, had a scent… but I guess if it did it would smell like laundry?

Candle Number 4: Capri Coast Peach

Click to view Capri Coast Peach Reaction Video!

Guessed Name: SWEET APPLE


Description: OK, at least apples and peaches are both fruits right??? I guess that’s close?? Another thing about yankee candle names, why are they so weirdly specific? Capri Coast Peach…can peaches even grow on the Coast of Capri? Or is this candle attempting to capture how eating a peach on the Capri Coast would smell? We’re not entirely sure.

Candle Number 5: Lemongrass and Ginger


Click to view Lemongrass & Lime Reaction Video!

Guessed Name: LEMON LIME (Not too far off from the real name!)


Description: It’s the thought that counts right? If you ask me, lemongrass and ginger sounds like a pretty good scent to me, but according to Ashley she would “never burn it in her house”…. yikes.

Clearly Yankee Candle has some pretty interesting scents on the market… but seriously, who do they hire to come up with some of these names? If you’re really a risk taker, feel free to smell other candles such as Thanksgiving Turkey or Cherries on snow! (yes, these actually exist)



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