Most people never thought they’d hear the phrase, “Hey guys do you wanna shower together?” There’s nothing more lit than hearing your boys say this when the night is just starting out. This is where the closest bonds start. Everyone grabs their towels, one guy brings the speaker, and everyone heads to the bathroom. But with great power comes great responsibility, so the person with the aux needs to have a fire playlist. When the tunes are blasting, the vibes are high.

Every freshman dreads the idea of having to use communal showers, but what most don’t realize is just how much of a bonding experience it really is. It might even be the pinnacle of freshman year.

Freshman Villiger resident Nick gets ready to shower with his boys.

Getting to the shower before anyone else is one of the most important things that freshman figure out pretty quickly. There’s a lot of reasons to get to the shower first: Maybe you had a bad day, so you just want to be alone or clear your head. Maybe you just need to play whatever tunes you’re feeling that day.

Why do you want to get there first? Well, its bigger than getting the best shower with the hottest water or the one that actually has a consistent stream. It’s to take control of the infamous Bluetooth speaker! The ability to bump your fire playlist in the shower is a powerful feeling. Everyone that gets there after you has to listen to your music, and there’s nothing they can do about it. Talk about some serious dorm power.

Music culture in the shower is bigger than just bumping heat. It’s about respect. You want to flex on your floor and prove that your music is better than everyone else’s.

Banging music in the shower starts some serious relationships between people. The conversation over the rap music ranges from the people you saw that day, to sports, to classes, and unfortunately some pretty rough attempts at singing.

Whether the next album drops or the dorm pregame is brewing, showering together and listening to music is for the culture.

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