When asked about their favorite part of Halloween, most people would respond with the candy. From chocolate to gummies, everyone has their favorite treat they hope to receive. What we don’t think about is what is the treat that they would be disappointed to get in their bag? This week we walked around Hawk Hill, and asked the students what the worst Halloween candy is.

The Worst Halloween Candy interview. Video by: Julianna Kissinger

Almond Joy:

SJU student biting into almond joy. Photo by:
Julianna Kissinger.

The number one candy we heard being repeated throughout our many interviews was the Almond Joy. Year after year, coconut is proven to fall into a category of food that people tend to hate. If you fall into this group, this coconut and almond filled treat may not have been the candy you looked forward to going home and seeing after a long night of trick or treating. Many students described the candy bar as “gross” or just “not good.” 


For other students, the obvious answer are Butterfingers. When they were first produced in 1923, this snack was advertised to taste like peanut butter and chocolate. Many of the people we asked agreed that the candy bar is overly sweet, and lacks any element of an ideal peanut butter chocolate bar. While some may enjoy the flaky inside, others would rather stick to the smooth inside of a Reese’s cup.


Last but not least, the third overall worst Halloween candy for SJU students are Whoppers. Out of all of the responses we received here at Hawk Hill, this was the answer we most anticipated. Whoppers tend to be a commonality when it comes to unpopular candies. While some might enjoy the perfect balance between the malty crisp and the milk chocolate shell, others disagree claiming that the dry texture automatically makes the candy a bust.

Student throwing her least favorite candy. Photo by: Julianna Kissinger.

When it comes down to it, Halloween candy is all about personal preference. That was proven to be true this season here on Hawk Hill. There isn’t a universal worst Halloween candy, because everyone has their personal favorites. Therefore, the best thing to do after a long night of trick-or-treating is to pour out all of your candy and swap with some friends. Odds are if you don’t like a certain candy, someone else will!


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