Did you notice the new sushi place on campus that opened three months ago? The Fat Tuna Sushi Bar is located right next to Larry’s Steaks on 2451 N 54th Street. The owner, Jenny Siong, said that they are an upcoming business doing well and she enjoys all the Saint Joes students coming in. It is more of a sit-down dining restaurant open seven days a week, but they also do take out. The Fat Tuna Sushi Bar is also featured on Grub Hub and Uber Eats. You can also order exactly what you want online and go pick it up. Not only do they have sushi, but they have a tea bar inside that is becoming very popular. One of their famous is “bubble tea” which is compared to jasmine tea with a lot of fruit. The menu was full of many sushi rolls and other options if you are not into sushi. There is ramen, soup, chicken and rice, and dumplings.

California Roll

Jenny Siong is friends with all her employees, and they are always trying to improve each other. She said in the future she wants to learn how to make sushi.  

“The service was great and the employees are very helpful.” Taylor Marinelli Said.


Jenny Siong also opened a high-end bar in Philly called Day’N’Nite in 2019. She is very busy this year, but loves being on the go. Inside The Fat Tuna Sushi Bar, there is a lot of art work done. The artist, BZ, painted everything by hand in the restaurant.

“The prices were very reasonable and affordable on a college budget.” Jordan Hinkle said.

Bubble Tea

My favorite part of the meal was the bubble tea.” Ashley Hession said.


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