For many people the holiday season is a nice way to disconnect from our busy lives, and reconnect with our family and friends. With Thanksgiving around the corner and no decline in the severity of the current pandemic, making this year’s Thanksgiving like previous ones is a struggle. 

Cooking dinner on Thanksgiving is a tradition that many families partake in. This year, it is going to be difficult for many families to cook and gather due to travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines. With our own poll on the @sjuhawkchill Instagram page, we learned that 70% of students will not be traveling this Thanksgiving, which further proves the dire need to connect with family virtually. 

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Thanksgiving Dinner set for a crowd in 2019

Even though gathering in person may not be possible this Thanksgiving, cooking and preparing your family’s favorites food together still can be. One way to do this is through Zoom. At the end of your dining table, you should place a computer with your family members on the screen to feel like they are there. 

Ways to cook together is simultaneously cooking the same food together. For example, families in different houses can stuff their turkeys together, prepare their pumpkin pie together and sit down together. 

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Two people on Zoom together sipping their favorite drinks

Prepare your turkey together. Turkeys take a few hours to cook so it is important to plan accordingly. One nice thing about cooking for yourself is you can make it how you want. Whether you want to stuff it, fry it or roast it, this year the choice is up to you! Make sure you allow enough time because these gobble gobbles can take a long time to cook!

After you get your turkey in the oven, the next step is to get your sides dishes together. The traditional Thanksgiving sides include stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and other vegetables. While your crowd may not be as large as normal, it is important to have a variety and enough to make sure everyone goes to bed as stuffed as normal.

While the turkey and sides are always delicious at Thanksgiving, everyone knows the best part is dessert. Apple pie and pumpkin pie are two classics that everyone loves. Make sure to get the freshest apples, homemade pumpkin and a lot of ice cream.

While your home may not be as crowded this year, there is no reason that there can not be as much love and food as normal. Most importantly, this Thanksgiving let’s be thankful for everything we have and pray for good health, happiness and love in the upcoming year.

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