This week, Saint Joseph’s University students got their Thanksgiving meal a week early. Campion decided to recreate a traditional Thanksgiving meal for the students as a way to kick off the upcoming break. The menu included a variety of traditional Thanksgiving foods such as turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, vegetables, and more.

Photo by Emma Wright

The event seemed to go over extremely well, with exceptional reviews from the students. Freshman Annie Mackert said: “That was the best food I ever had at Campion, it’s also the longest time I’ve spent at Campion”.

Photo by Emma Wright

The lines were exceptionally long, and the cafeteria was more full than ever. Think of the crowd that is at Campion during free period times ten. One freshman, Emma Wright said: “There wasn’t even enough room inside, so my friends and I had to sit on the couches near the entrance”. Hopefully this Campion Thanksgiving will be enough to suffice until the 23rd.

Photo by Emma Wright

Another Freshman at Saint Joseph’s, Cassie Hahn adds about how Thanksgiving dinner brought the community together; “The community aspect in campion on Tuesday brought students together for a warm, exciting Thanksgiving meal”.

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