Tapas, foodies, finstas, oh my! Trending hashtags seen all over social media timelines. But newsflash nothing’s really new!

Finstas are the babies of millennials and credit is due.

Tapas and foodies on the other hand, have millennials coming late to the scene. Gael Greene first wrote in New York Magazine about foodies in the 1980s. Greene wrote of those obsessed with food. And not the average, I’m hungry let’s eat. These people lived for new and exciting foods to dance on their tastebuds.

Today our generation of foodies thrive off the ambiance of an aesthetically pleasing places. The food could suck but in a neatly place, well plated, angle appropriate, and lit-to-perfection space; cost is nothing compared to likes.

But who wouldn’t admit that with the iPhone X camera quality, it’s kind of hard to avoid posting the basic Instagram posts of food and a refreshing “beverage”.  It’s just a part of who we are now.

Just like foodies, Tapas is far from new, but what it means is changing. Tapas holds the place as the centerpiece for Spanish cuisine.

Tapas is, both in its original sense and today’s sense, a small portion of spanish cuisine. Culturally Tapas isn’t just about food, it’s about an atmosphere that plays a major part in the food.

Right on campus, SJU is making an effort to appeal to our generation and the need to change with the trends.

Don’t believe me, just stop Campion for the new Hawk Bites. No doubt Hawk Bites are SJU debut of Tapas with a twist. A taste of diverse food selections from all across the world. And that’s just it, a taste. We look at these Hawk Bites as just samplers. But can you believe people actually eat like this in other parts of the world.

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