We’ve all been there; you’re sitting on a shared bench between two children under the age of 6, there are cornbread crumbs lingering on the seat beneath you, and you watch with bitter jealousy as “the adults” sit and talk peacefully at a table that seems like a lifetime away. It is Thanksgiving Day, you’re 18 years old, and you find another year has gone by that you are stuck at the kids’ table… during every family get-together. If you’re anything like me and have any younger siblings, cousins, or younger family-friends in your life, you would know that Thanksgiving dinner can potentially be more of a headache than a holiday. Sometimes a table full of screaming kids can be overwhelming, but Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t have to be painful. Below, you can find 4 ideas about how to keep your guests (of all ages) calm and entertained at this year’s Turkey Day dinner.

Pin the Feathers on the Turkey

A classic game of pin the tail on the donkey but with twist; this one’s a turkey!

What You Need-

  • Plain paper and colored pencils (Or just print out your own featherless turkey)
  • Scissors
  • Blindfold
  • Tape

This craft is simple- Either print out your own turkey picture, or draw your own (see image) and hang it on a wall near the table using the tape. Then, cut out different colored “feathers” out of paper, either colored construction paper or plain white paper that you color yourself! Your guests will wear the blindfold and try their best to place the feathers in the correct place, which can get interesting. https://livingwellmom.com/pin-the-tail-turkey/ This craft is quick and easy, but the classic game will never get old!

Thanksgiving Mad Libs

This fun craft takes the typical game of Mad Libs and puts a holiday twist on it!

What You Need-

  • Plain paper
  • Colored Pencils (Optional)

Mad Libs is great because it is up to the guest about how fun it really is. Just set out papers at each place-setting containing the typical set up for Mad Libs, Pinterest or other crafty websites have some easy print-outs (https://www.woojr.com/thanksgiving-mad-libs/)! Make sure to leave each guests some colored pencils or pens and let them fill in the words to their own game. It could be more personal and special if guests use family member’s names in the blanks! Small but simple, this game will keep kids busy for hours.

Make Your Own Turkey

This is a step up from the basic hand-turkey craft.

What You Need-

  • Colored Paper
  • Plastic Solo Cup
  • Scissors
  • Google Eyes (Optional)
  • Tape

This craft lets your guests do all of the work, so all you have to do is leave the supplies out at each place-setting. They can get as creative as they choose with this one- Flip the plastic cup upside down and take google eyes (or paper eyes) and stick them onto the “face” of the cup. Stick on the feathers and beak, and they’re done! If they want to get really creative, they can make legs or hats out of colored paper and stick those on, too. Crafty but simple!

Guessing Game

Whoever gets the closest can get the first piece of pumpkin pie at dessert.

What You Need-

  • Post-it notes
  • Hat/Bowl/Container
  • Jar
  • Candy of Your Choice

Fill your jar with a candy that you choose-but remember to count them first! When guests are waiting for the meal, let everyone pass around the jar and write their best guesses of how many candy pieces are in the jar. Take all of the slips of paper and collect them in a hat, a bowl, or any container. Read their guesses out loud, and whoever gets the closest to the real amount is the winner! If you want, you can even spice up the jar with printed-out Thanksgiving images to make it more festive!

As you can see, all of these games and crafts are extremely simple, and require very few supplies. This Thanksgiving Dinner, avoid the chaos of your little siblings and bring a calm craft or competition to the table. Using this ultimate guide to fun, you and your family can truly survive this Thanksgiving!


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