Ever get tired of eating at the same places on City Avenue (Eats Down the Streets)? Need to eat something else other than Campion Dining Hall food 3 times a day? Worry no more, Ardmore Suburban Square has so many selections to spice up your diet! Suburban Square offers multiple diverse restaurants just a short distance away from Saint Joe’s campus. Here are a few of the restaurants and spots to grub in Suburban Square.

ROBEK’S (Robek’s.com)

    Robek’s is the perfect spot for a juice or smoothie, but what you really want to try is their acai bowls. Their menu is easy to read and their staff is super friendly and helpful when it comes to questions and suggestions. The “Acai Strawnana Berry” is their famous smoothie bowl. Filled with house made acai, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, granola and raw honey drizzle, it is the perfect brunch or afternoon pick-me-up. Their menu has a wide selection of options and combinations to fit your palette needs. All bowls are $7.99 but if you download the app you can receive discounts and rewards for visiting!

Photo taken by: Shannon Ferry

SWEET GREEN (Sweetgreen.com)

Sweet Green is the holy grail for a top notch salad when you’re in a hurry. Choose an already made salad from the menu or create your own. The restaurant is set up similarly to Chipotle; you move down the line with your salad. There are seasonal options to choose from as well as some classics. The “Chicken Pesto Parm” salad bowl is to die for, filled with spinach, chicken quinoa, tomatoes, broccoli, parmesan cheese, pesto AND hot sauce. It’s the perfect amount of spicy and has a lot of different flavor. Make sure you come on an empty stomach because the salads are huge and will surely leave you full for hours!

Photo taken by: Shannon Ferry
Sweet Green Harvest Salad
Photo taken by: Shannon Ferry

ARDMORE MARKET (Ardmore Farmers Market)

The Ardmore Farmers Market is the perfect place for you and your friends to go and grab a snack or coffee together. There are a wide variety of foods ranging from sushi all the way to fried chicken. There are bakeries, Thai and Chinese food, home cooked meals and seafood. You can take your food to go or enjoy the hustle and bustle of the market from the seating areas. The best part about the market is the prepared meals section. The meals are all homemade and the prices are reasonable. It sure beats eating campion and Wendy’s every night and reminds you of mom’s home cooked meals. There is also a Saxbys coffee shop located inside with available seating as well. One of the hidden gems of the market is the five cheese macaroni and cheese from the prepared meals section. You can order it warm or get a container for later, or do both! Be careful though, this macaroni and cheese is so good that some even say it’s addicting!

Photo by: Shannon Ferry

Oath Pizza (Oath Pizza.com)
    Similar to the popular Snap Pizza, Oath Pizza specializes in personal pizzas with endless toppings. You can get creative and come up with your own specialty pizza  or choose a few of the classics. They have a pizza category named, “Highly Decorated Pizza” for the pizza topping lovers. One specifically is the, “Walley” which has basil pesto, mozzarella, baby spinach, diced tomatoes, feta, and roasted garlic. Oath Pizza is the newest place to eat in Suburban Square and is competing with other pizza places in the area. One of the most underrated items on the menu is the cauliflower pizza crust. Perfect for someone who has an allergy to gluten, or just wants to watch the amount carbs they’re eating. This chill spot is perfect for a quick bite or even a casual date night with your significant other. There is something for everyone on the menu– well, if you like pizza!

Photo by: Shannon Ferry

There are many tasty spots to check out in Suburban Square whether that be a quick bite or a night out with friends. Check out the few mentioned above and explore even more, it’s most definitely worth the trip!


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