As a college student one of the hardest things to do is find time to sit down and enjoy a nice meal. Between the loads of work as well as the everyday college student responsibilities it is sometimes difficult to sit down for a nice meal. We find ourselves always in a rush to get our work done. We all become so hungry after a long day of classes and studying. Sometimes we are unable to cook for ourselves because we simply just do not have the time for it. That’s why Saint Joes has implemented the Good Uncle food truck for the students. 

Good Uncle: A Game Changer on Campus?

Most students will compare Good Uncle to UberEats because of the similar systems of each company. When you download Good Uncle onto your phone you are asked to create an account where you register your name, your phone number, email address, as well as the payment method. Anthony Seiler, Class of 2023 said, “It’s nice to be able to order a meal right outside of my apartment building after a long day of work. I love using UberEats but it is just far too expensive. Good Uncle is quick and I know I am not getting ripped off with prices.” Similar to UberEats, Good Uncle will allow you to order through the app, you simply put your location on campus or around campus and the Foodtruck will give you a certain amount of time to wait before grading your meal. When your food arrives you receive a phone call from the driver telling you they are outside. 

Popular Menu Items

Good Uncle has expanded the amount of meals that they offer to the students over these past few years. Good Uncle provides items such as a California Tofu Bowl, Mexican Burrito Bowl, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Chicken Parm Pasta, Penne Alla Vodka, BBQ Pulled Pork plate, salads, ice cream, refreshing beverages, as well as many other items for students to enjoy. Good Uncle is also sold inside of the P.O.D right outside of Campion. Rob Shangle, Class of 2023 said, “I love being able to stop by the P.O.D after class to grab my favorite Good Uncle meals. Because I live off campus I am unable to have the food truck deliver straight to my house, so it’s nice being able to still enjoy their food.”  The meals come in containers that you can grab on the go and heat up later. While the P.O.D does not sell everything that Good Uncle has to offer it has become a great way for students who are in a rush to grab a meal on the go. 

Finger food Menu Options. Screenshotted By: Coley Hunter

Pricing and Satisfaction

We interviewed several students about the prices of the Good Uncle meals, Mike Sullivan, Class of 2023 said, “My favorite part about Good Uncle is how cheap the meals are. After a long day of work I am able to find delicious, filling meals for low prices. My favorite is the Buffalo Chicken Dip that only costs $8.99. The meal is filling and is so big that I can share it with friends.” In College we are all looking for cheap meals, Good Uncle charges very affordable prices for their meals. Most of the prices range from $5.99 to $9.99 which is a very solid price for college students. Steven Pesce, Class of 2023 said, “Good Uncle is my favorite quick and easy meal because of how cheap it is. I love that I am able to order a large platter of Mac and Cheese for only $9. The food is great and always leaves me full.” 

Dinner Menu Options. Screenshotted By: Nicholas Manzi

We are all looking for cheap, quick, delicious meals these days, we do not have time to make ourselves 5 star meals because we simply do not have the time to do so. One of the most difficult things about college is finding time to make or go get food. Good Uncle allows students to order on their phones while studying and take a quick break to walk outside of their building to grab their meals. Based on what students have said about Good Uncle, they truly love the system and how easy it is for them. 

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