With five locations in the Philadelphia area, Sabrina’s Cafe is a contender for one of the best restaurants to eat a healthy meal in the area. Sabrina’s has a special menu of vegan dishes for people to enjoy as well as a different menu full of non-vegan foods. Because of the restaurants attention to detail and wonderful offerings, Sabrina’s Cafe has accumulated a devoted following of foodies. 

The restaurant was started in 2001 in what was previously the Litto Bakery, home to one of Philadelphia’s finest cannolis. The idea for Sabrina’s belongs to Robert DeAbreu and his wife, Raquel. They desired to create a restaurant similar to a diner with a welcoming vibe but with a twist. They aimed at making the experience of eating at Sabrina’s to be similar to eating at a friend’s house but with waiters, waitresses, and a check. Because of the experience they desired people to have and to place emphasis on their family values, the DeAbreus named the restaurant after their newborn daughter, Sabrina Isabella. 

The Wynnewood location of Sabrinas is conveniently placed in the Wynnewood shopping center, about a five minute away from the Saint Joe’s campus. This means that the restaurant is a popular location for students looking to go out and eat somewhere different. The restaurant is also not too expensive, which is convenient for students on a tight budget. Depending on your eating habits, Sabrinas has a variety of menus ranging from breakfast and brunch to dinner to appeal to you. However the brunch menu is served everyday until 4 PM while other offerings are available all day. 

Screenshot of entrees at Sabrina’s Cafe

On the brunch menu, one of the most popular dishes is the “smells like chicken and waffles” chicken and waffles. The fried chicken dish is served with vanilla bean syrup over a waffle. The dish offers the perfect combination of sweet, sugary waffle and salty, savory fried chicken. Personally, this is one of my favorite dishes on the menu because chicken and waffles is a tradition in my family. 

The dinner menu is much larger than the other menus and consists of appetizers, entrees, sandwiches, burgers, soups and salads, and a few lighter foods. One of the most popular selections on the dinner menu is the braised short rib. The short rib is served over mashed potatoes, spinach and an over easy egg with a red wine glaze. I have never had this dish at Sabrina’s but have been told by friends who live in the area that is is one of the best.


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