Today college students normally have a limited budget, but at the same time, they would love to eat fresh, organic, and healthy food. It always seems to be a hassle due to the high prices of products sold at groceries. However, there is a way to solve this dilemma with Amazon Prime and Whole Foods. These two companies have teamed up to give Prime users a chance to order their fresh produce online at a discounted rate and free delivery. Students have the opportunity to order their food online in 5 minutes which is delivered to their dorm or apartments in just a couple of hours. Free two-hour delivery is complementary to Prime users. This convenience is available to users from the Whole Foods location in Wynnewood, just 10 minutes from campus.  This benefit saves the hassle of going to the store, going through all the isles gathering unnecessary items and waiting in long lines. Instead, students can get other work done and will be notified when the food arrives at the door.

Save $5 when buying fresh/organic fruits at Whole Foods
Photo by Julianna Smyth

At Whole Foods a carving pumpkin is $5.00 with the Prime discount it is $3.75, a ground beef sirloin is $6.99 with the Prime discount it is $4.49, the total is $11.99 with the Prime discount it is $8.24. Even though that doesn’t seem like a big discount, as the items increase and the amount of times students use the discount, it will lead to a large amount of money saved in the future. Sophomore, Ian Scott, uses the Prime discount at Whole Foods almost every week and he says, “I can order my groceries for the week, it saves me a ton of money and is so convenient how I can order online and it comes to the dorm within hours.” Ian went on to say that the food comes in fresh and just as good as if he were to buy it from the store. Another student, Sophomore, Emily Sarre, who is not a Prime member but is familiar with the promotion says, “I hear it is a great way to save money and eat healthy food on a budget, I find myself buying and spending way too much and I should really look more into this.”

Groceries order online with Amazon Prime at Whole Foods
Photo by Julianna Smyth

Students are having the pressure of maintaining a good diet and knowing the limitations they have because of food allergies or diseases. Also, the knowledge of buying fresh and organic products is very expensive and it’s really hard to maintain their budget. Maintaining a diet in college it’s complicated because some college dining doesn’t serve food that is healthy. This new generation is aware and concerned about what they should be eating, specific chemicals that products contain, and the benefit of the Internet has helped to make a smarter decision when buying. Moreover, consumers are looking for a convenient discount on fresh, organic, and healthy food that is known as the best way to the market. By saving money and having the benefit of getting your groceries at your door in less than a day or a few hours Whole Foods consumers would be satisfied with the great service they are offering. Saving money and doing it quickly benefits students who Prime on a dime! 

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