Die-hard superhero and villain fan Maggie McNamara ’21 is scared to see The Joker.

“I would much rather wait until after it is done being shown in theaters than have the threat of being shot while watching this movie,” McNamara ‘21 said.

The Joker is a 2019 film about the famous villains from the Batman series. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, it depicts the life of a failed stand-up comedian, who turns to a life of crime in the city of Gotham. 

Many students are excited to see the newly released movies, but there are just as many left scared of the risk of seeing it in a movie theater.

Photo taken by Chereef Knox

Movie theater shootings have been becoming more and more popular over the past five years or so. One of the most famous being in Aurora, Colorado in 2012. A mass shooting occurred in a movie theater during a showing of The Dark Knight, another movie about the fictional Batman villain. The movie theater in Aurora has actually chosen not to show the upcoming Joker movie.

The big question around campus for fellow Hawks is: Will you be seeing The Joker

Video edited by Chris Kline

Many students around campus have many different opinions about seeing the movie. Some say they have already seen the movie and did not think much about the risk of seeing it in a theatre. A large number of students have seen the movie as well, but were definitely hesitant about seeing it in theaters. Others said they do not plan on seeing the film because they are worried about something happening or they just are not interested in superhero or villain movies. 

Photo taken by Chereef Knox

The local movie theater around St. Joe’s, Regal UA Main Street Theatre, had a multitude of police officers stationed outside the entrance on the opening night of The Joker, Christian Calabrese ‘21 said.

“I have never really seen that much security during a movie before,” Calabrese ’21 said.


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