Around this time every year, everyone is on the hunt for the best Christmas sweater out there. Whether your go-to is Forever 21 to find the one that lights up and sings, or Amazon with the sweater quoting your favorite Christmas movies, there is a Christmas sweater for every occasion. Listed below is your guide to express yourself in every which way in sweater form this holiday season!


Santas, reindeer, snowmen, elves, candy canes, etc. are all good go-tos. Perfect for pictures with friends and of course being cozy! In the past few seasons, these classic Christmas sweaters have been amped up quite a bit and now light up, play music, and so much more!

Photo taken by Carly Van Houten.

Sports Fan

Baseball, football, and hockey fans can all rejoice because there is an ugly Christmas sweater for your favorite teams. The MLB, NFL, and the NHL released Christmas sweaters on your favorite teams’ websites, letting fans support their teams and celebrate the holidays! Click here to support your favorite team this year. 

Photo taken by Carly Van Houten.

School Pride

Hawk Hill’s bookstore blesses our campus with SJU specific Christmas sweater themed t-shirts and sweatshirts every holiday season. This year, the student favorite is a t-shirt in the style of a Christmas sweater featuring Santa’s sleigh flying over Barb! 

Photo taken by Carly Van Houten.


Comfy, cozy, and beyond adorable, you can never go wrong with a Christmas onesie. Target, this year in particular, has a wide variety of Christmas onesies. Reindeer, snowmen, and Christmas trees are among just a few of the onesies that Target has in store this year. 

Photo taken by Carly Van Houten.





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